ABOUT KYSTEN (Troms Fylkeskultursenter)

The artists at Kysten established the collective printmaking arts studio in 2008 with the valuable support of the Norwegian Arts Council and the Troms County Council.

This studio offers members and other artists a workspace with a wide range of printmaking tools and complete facilities for intaglio and relief printing.


PRIMA INK is printmaking studio that aims to become a dynamic arena for visual artists and anyone interested in art. It was established autumn 2010 by artist Silvia E. Martinez with support from the Norwegian Printmakers (Norske Grafikere). Here, artists and visitors can practice and explore different techniques and create diverse types of prints.

 Prima Ink is part of the different art activities the city of Tromsø currently offers. The studio holds workshops, where you can learn different printing techniques. In addition, Prima Ink invite artists regularly to talk about their work and to use the facilities.

 Prima ink cares about the safety of its members and visitors, as well as the impact the process of printmaking has at a global scale. That is why one of the main goals is to become a greener place that uses less aggressive and more environmentally friendly materials and techniques. We are currently working on that!


The workshop is equipped for intaglio and relief printing. There is also a darkroom with a vacuum table for photopolymer.

 Open workshop/visits: The workshop is open to visitors. The hours may vary. Please contact us for more information.

Tours: Groups from companies, schools, art associations, etc. can visit the workshop after booking a tour with Silvia. The tour includes an introduction to the printmaking techniques.


To use the workshop, if you are not part of Kysten, you have to become a member of Prima Ink.

Membership costs 600 NOK a month, and it is necessary to be a member for at least three consecutive months. If anyone has any special projects, please contact Silvia. 
The artists at Kysten can use the workshop for free, contact Silvia.

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